Water Filter vs Water Purifier





The term water filter is universally used to describe many water filtration devices including the Berkey systems. While the term can be an accurate description, the meaning when talking about water treatment standards is different.

Lets take a look at the two standards when classifying water treatment devices;

Water Filter

This classification must meet the following standard:

  Pathogenic Bacteria  Klebsiella terrigena  greater than

99.99% reduction

Known as (Log 4)

Water Purifiers

In order to be in this classification the following standard must be met:

 Pathogenic Bacteria  Klebsiella terrigena  greater than

99.9999% reduction

Known as (Log 6)

 Virus  Polio and Rota  greater than

99.99% reduction

known as  (Log 4)


All Berkey systems contain the Black Berkey Filters and meet the Water purifier standard. In fact Berkey Purifiers far surpass this standard and actually remove 99.9999999% known as a  log 9 reduction, when dealing with pathogenic bacteria. This distinction is what makes Berkey the only certifiable gravity flow water purification system.

Please take a look at the following chart which includes a head to head comparison with our competition and see for yourself which classification they claim. Take note that some use harsh chemicals in order to reach the level of purification, chemicals like iodine or chlorinating tablets. We do not have to use chemicals, only our unique ionic adsorbtion process mated with simple microfiltration. In short these two methods create a pore structure so minute that contaminants are removed from the water because they simply cannot pass through the charged filtering media.


Many shoppers square measure confused regarding the variations between water filters and water purifiers stillbecause the variations between water filters and water softeners. Some industries, mistakenly, use the terms interchangeably and suppose that the method behind every is comparable.

Obviously, shoppers World Health Organization square measure within the marketplace for cleaner potable, freed from impurities like atomic number 17 and lead that filters take away, would had best to understand that a softener wouldn’t meet their goals as these product square measure meant for one thing fully totally different – for one, removing minerals from their water that cause scale buildup. Similarly, those shoppers World Health Organization were trying to find a way to get rid of potential viruses would be comfortable with some style ofwater purification resolution.

Below we’ll take a more in-depth scrutinize what you’ll expect from a filter versus a water apparatus versus a softener. you will learn that you simplyr water treating wants dictate that you solely want one in every of these choices, 2 of them, or all 3.

What’s in Water that we wish Out?

Perhaps the foremost necessary place to begin in terms of examination filters, purifiers and softeners is learning what’s in our water that we wish to get rid of. As you well apprehend, the purest sort of water is solely H and chemical element or H20. however this pure sort of water doesn’t occur naturally [1], it picks up alternativechemical compounds, minerals and impurities on the manner. a number of these mineral sediments square measure fascinating – like metal and Mg – whereas alternative things picked up by water within the cycle of municipal and H2O assortment, square measure undesirable. as an example, the supply of most of our water, municipalities, will contain traces of atomic number 17, pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste and generallymicroorganism and viruses still.

The impurities mentioned higher than will be filtered or removed by filters and purifiers and that we can get into the specifics of every below. However, there is also extra things that you simply want to get rid of from your water that square measure unrelated to your health however square measure necessary for reducing scale build-up and increasing the lifetime of your appliances. These mineral-preventing systems square measure spoken as water softeners, and find their name as a result of they take away the number of onerous minerals that meet up with your home’s water system and into your pipes and appliances.

Water Filters, Water Purifiers and Water Softeners Compared

Water Filters

Water filters like Filter Butler’s Whole Home filter facilitate to get rid of or scale back impurities like atomic number 17, lead, mercury, magnesium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, sulfide and additional. They additionally inhibit anydevelopment of microorganism, protoctist and fungi however shouldn’t be thought of the end-solution within theremoval of microorganism and viruses. That claim is reserved for water purifiers. However, Filter Butler’s Whole House filter will supply ex gratia systems – the Sub-Micron Post-Filter and ultraviolet illumination filter – that mayeffectively eliminate or scale back microorganism and viruses that square measure gift in some water provides. These choices don’t seem to be enclosed within the commonplace product as a result of, put simply, your water system might not be in danger for these kinds of contaminants.

Water Purifiers

By most definitions, water purification means water is free from microorganism contaminants and viruses. However, this definition doesn’t embrace chemical contaminants like those water filters take away (as mentioned above). typically|this can be} why water filtration and water purification systems square measure often employed in conjunction with each other – water filters square measure effective at removing unwanted chemical parts like atomic number 17 and halide whereas as water filters square measure effective at removing microorganism and viruses.

Water Softeners

Water softeners, like Filter Butler’s Salt Free softener, square measure fully totally different product than water filters or purification systems, though all 3 systems will be used along for the cleanest, purest water doable. Water softeners may also be used as complete product, as they’re strictly accustomed take away scale from increase in your pipes still as in your appliances. the advantages of removing scale from your water square measure evident in cleaner glasswork and tableware, scale-free shower heads and taps, and more practical bathing and laundry product. Again, these water softeners don’t target impurities in your potable or build it any safer to drink, they onlyseparate minerals that end in inefficient appliances and facilitate to prolong the lifetime of your homes’ assets.