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Sport Berkey® Water Bottle


1 Sport Berkey Bottle ($34.95)

1 Sport Berkey Bottles and 1 Replacement Filter ($54.94) *

2 Sport Berkey Bottle ($69.90)

2 Sport Berkey Bottles and 2 Replacement Filters ($109,88) *

3 Sport Berkey Bottles ($104.85)

3 Sport Berkey Bottle and 3 Replacement Filters ($164.82) *

4 Sport Berkey Bottle ($139.80)

4 Sport Berkey Bottle and 4 Replacement Filters ($219.76) *


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Sport Berkey Bottle (22oz)


The 22 oz. portable Sport Berkey® Bottle is durable, handy and convenient; ideal for use when on the go such as driving, camping, exercise, backpacking, travel, and during unexpected emergencies.

  • Bottle is constructed from a non-leaching, LDPE #4 medical grade polymer, which is BPA Free.
  • The filter element is designed to remove or dramatically reduce toxic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, chlorides, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based products, unpleasant tastes and odor, silt, sediment and chlorine.
  • Uses the same filtration medium as the larger Black Berkey® Purification Element.
  • The Sport Berkey® Bottle has a storage shelf life of 50 years.
  • Sport Berkey® Bottle Refill Capacity:
    -Raw and Untreated Water: ~160 refills.
    -Municipal Tap Water: ~640 refills.
  • Do not allow Sport Berkey® Bottle to freeze, do not place in microwave oven and do not run hot water through the filter.


INCLUDES: Sport Berkey Filtering Water Bottle. Each Filter filters up to 100 gallons (640 refills) of municipal water and up to 25 gallons (160 refills) of water from question sources such as lakes, streams, rivers and etc.

FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Utilizes ionic adsorption micro filtration technology. Water Bottle Filter absorbs water pollutants such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals.

TESTING: The Sport Berkey Water Bottle Filter has been tested by State & EPA accredited laboratories to EXCEED in the EPA Protocol for Microbiological Filters and ANSI/NSF Standard 53, adapted for sport bottles.

REMOVES: Hex. Chromium (Chromium 6) >99.9% | Lead >97.5% | Mercury >98% | Chloroform >99.8% | Arsenic 76.5% REDUCES: Harmful microscopic pathogens | Toxic chemicals | Trihalomethanes| Volatile Organic Compounds | Toxic chemicals | Detergents | Pesticides | Heavy metals | Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine

USAGE: Perfect for everyday, traveling or adventuring! The Sport Berkey Filter is easy to use and is very light weight! The filter is designed to reduce or remove many harmful contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote streams, lakes, stagnant ponds and sub-standard water supplies in foreign countries where regulations are non-existent or not enforced.

The “Tortuous Path” structure of the pores of the sport berkey filter gives it its unique characteristics. The 22 Oz Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier is durable, made from safe non-leaching LDPE #4 that is BPA-Free, and offers a convenient and portable filtration system using medical grade technology.


  • Harmful Microscopic Pathogens (E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other Pathogenic Bacteria) > 99.99999%
  • Chlorine > 99.9%
  • THM’s > 99.9%
  • VOC’s > 99.9%
  • Detergents and Pesticides > 99.9%
  • Radon 222 > 99.9%
  • Foul Tastes and Odors > 99.9%
  • Cloudiness, Silt, and Sediment > 99.9%


Sport Berkey® Filters


Can I clean the filter in my Sport Berkey® purification bottle?

Unfortunately the Sport Berkey® filter is not cleanable. However, replacement filters are available.


Does the generic Sport Berkey® work the same as a regular Sport Berkey® purification bottle?

Yes, both systems are identical; the only difference is the generic version has no logo silk-screened on the exterior of the bottle. The generic version was designed to help keep the costs to a minimum for missionaries and other relief organizations.


What is the capacity of the Sport Berkey®?

The capacity of the bottle is 22 oz.


How much water is the Sport Berkey® capable of filtering?

The bottle will efficiently filter ~160 refills of raw untreated water and ~640 refills of municipally treated water. Using the cleanest source water possible will greatly extend the capability of the filter because the more debris and contaminates in the water, the quicker the filter element will become clogged.


Can I put my Sport Berkey® purification bottle in the refrigerator?

Yes you can refrigerate the Sport Bottle but just don’t freeze it. Because freezing expands the pores of the filter media and could severely compromise the integrity of the filter element.


How does the Sport Berkey® purification bottle compare to the larger Berkey® systems?

There is a slight difference, the wall thickness of the Sport Berkey® filter element is thinner than the wall thickness of the Black Berkey® element thus it is slightly less efficient at filtration. The Sport Berkey®, to our knowledge, is the most powerful sport bottle available and you would not be able to discern much of a difference when filtering normal water supplies. If you were to run the red food coloring Filter Test on the Sport Berkey® bottle, most of the food coloring will be removed however if you were to run the Filter Test on a filter with the Black Berkey® purification elements, the food coloring would be removed entirely.


Do you make a fluoride reduction filter for the Sport Berkey®?

Unfortunately, fluoride is very difficult to extract after it has been added a water supply and requires a large amount of media to remove even a small amount of it. Given the small cavity size of the Sport Berkey® relative to the amount of media it would require to remove fluoride, most of the room within the sport bottle would have to be used for filter media leaving next to no room for the source water. It is therefore not feasible to make a fluoride reduction filter for the sport bottle until a more powerful media is available


Can the Sport Berkey® purification bottle be used instead of bottled water in third world countries?

Yes, the Sport Berkey® is used worldwide by missionaries and relief organizations to transform otherwise un-potable water into potable drinking water and was designed for use in third world countries where commercial bottled water may not always be available. Keep in mind that you need to use the cleanest water possible to help extend the life of the filter elements. We recommend taking several replacement filter elements along with you in the event that you have to rely on using very turbid source water which can easily clog the filter elements.


Can I filter boiling water through the Sport Berkey® for making hot drinks?

Hot water breaks down the filter element and compromises its efficiency so we recommend that you filter the source water through the Sport Berkey® bottle first and then boil the water for your drinks.


Sport Berkey Water Bottle


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