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Prudent Places



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Prudent Places


  • This item is not eleigible for refund or return once opened
  • Prudent Places USA 4th Edition® CD-ROM is a collection of pertinent information which can help you locate the “prudent” places to live during these turbulent times
  • It covers 69 main topics within the following categories:  Natural Disasters, Manmade Disasters, Environmental Basics, Environmental Problems, Energy, People and Places
  • The maps can help you learn about the pros and cons of the community you call home and prepare for the unexpected
  • Includes 550 full color, high resolution maps, numerous information tables and photographs of America
  • When printed, 80 maps are each over 6 feet square, showing details for America’s 3,141 counties
  • Prudent Places USA is a CD-ROM which requires a computer (PC or Mac compatible) to read and view it. It will not work in either a “stand alone” CD or DVD player


This remarkable book on a CD is a “must-have” tool! Prudent Places USA shows you wiser places to live in America. Or, use the maps to understand the pros and cons of your particular location. Over 550 full color, high resolution maps cover the six main chapters shown below. When printed, 80 maps are over 6 square feet each, showing details for America’s 3,141 counties. Choose your own combination of priorities from the topics in those six chapters.


NOTICE: Prudent Places USA is a CDROM which requires a computer to read and view it. It will NOT work in either an ordinary CD or a DVD player.

CHAPTER 1: NATURAL DISASTERS: Billion Dollar Disaster Events From 1980-2004, Most Disaster-Prone Counties Based on Data From 1964-2005, Major Droughts, Earthquakes and Seismicly Vulnerable Areas, Flood Zones, Hail Alley, Hurricane Areas, Landslides, Lightning, Sea-Level Rise, Tornado Alley, Tsunami Regions, Hazardous Volcanoes Threat Assessment

CHAPTER 2: MANMADE DISASTERS: Nuclear and Chemical Waste Sites and Routes, Terrorism Targets, Biowarfare Facilities, Known Islamic Terrorist Cells in America, Foreign Invasion Routes

CHAPTER 3: ENVIRONMENTAL BASICS: Aquifers, Caves and Caverns, Counties, Dams and Reservoirs, Non-Federal Farmland, Federal and Indian Land, Vegetation Land Cover, Rainfall Amounts, River Locations, Snowfall and Sunshine Days, Average Temperatures, Major Transportation Routes, UN Biospheres, Watersheds

CHAPTER 4: ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS: Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Animal Waste Contamination, Arsenic in the Ground, Fish and Wildlife Advisories, Polluted Rivers and Lakes, Lead Contamination, Pesticide Runoff, Radon, Toxic Waste Sites (ground), Toxic Air Releases, UV Radiation, Watershed Health

CHAPTER 5: ENERGY: Power Grid Infrastructure and Sources of Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Springs Energy, Nuclear Reactors – Present, Future and Decommissioned

CHAPTER 6: PEOPLE and PLACES: Cities Profiled, Housing Prices, Crime Areas, Ethnic Distribution, Where the Jobs Are, Where the People Are, Population Density, Religious Distribution

Berkey Prudent Places

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