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Berkey Sight Glass Spigots


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19 cm (7.5 in) – use with the Travel Berkey and Big Berkey (45.00)

25.4 cm (10 in) – use with the Royal Berkey and Imperial Berkey ($48.00)

33 cm (13 in) – use with the Crown Berkey ($52.00)


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Berkey Sight Glass Spigots

“7.5” Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot for Travel Berkey® System and Big Berkey® System

“10” Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot for Royal Berkey® System & Imperial Berkey® System

“13” Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot for Crown Berkey™ System


  • Allows instant reading of the water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey® System
  • Available in three sizes based on the system you own:
  • The glass tube of the spigot can be easily cleaned with soap and water as needed
  • Includes two washers and a wingnut
  • All systems come standard with a basic spigot; the sight glass spigot is an upgrade purchase
  • Constructed of high-quality materials and made in the USA
  • Like all Berkey products, this is BPA-free
  • Will not work in conjunction with Stainless Steel Spigot


This glass water spigot allows instant reading of water level in your system. No more guessing how much water is still left in the system. Tired of removing the top chamber to see how much water is left? This is the answer. This is the 7.5″ glass water level spigot for use with the following stainless steel Berkey water purification systems: Big Berkey and Travel Berkey. There is a 10″ for the Royal Berkey and Imperial Berkey.


T/B, R/I, C

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